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Please understand that I CANNOT offer compatibility with each and every plugin out there. Thank you so much!

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How to update Visual Composer in your themes?

I bought Visual Composer extended licence and activated it for all my users.I have to test all new versions of "Visual Composer" and other plugins before integrate ...

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"font-style.css" is not found

"font-style.css" is a file generated by theme options panel and is located in "/weeklynews/assets/css/" folder. It looks like that css file wasn't saved because of ...

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How to set a custom page as homepage

This is a standard wordpress feature, to set a page to display as homepage.Create a new page you want to use as a homepage and in admin panel go to "Settings > ...

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How to translate a theme?

Hi, The theme translation is located in "/languages/" folder. The file is called "THEME_NAME.po" and you can open it with PoEdit application: ...

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How to hide "Post Options" for author role?

Is there a way to remove the Post Options from the writer’s post editing screen? If you run a multi-author site and would prefer the author’s didn’t have ...

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How to add icons to navigation?

This theme is built on Boostrap framework and you can use their Glyphicons or Font Awesome icons. Just place glyphicon code in "Navigation ...

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